Since 1986 Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company has been selling premium American-made grills, heaters, fireplace inserts and gas lanterns at the best prices.

Our Values


Our reputation is precious to us. We sell high-quality products and stand behind them. We try to provide outstanding service to every customer, every time.


We love our country – We sell only American-made goods at the best prices. Nothing of inferior quality is in our store. Our grills will last years and years longer than the grills the big box stores sell.


We try to buy local and buy small. Stores and companies like ours are disappearing…where will we go to get knowledgeable, expert service and advice when they are all gone?


Oh…and we love to BBQ…

Thank you for doing business with us!!

Pittsburgh’s Best

We provide sales, service, installation, parts and accessories for all our models.

We are locally owned and operated and we service what we sell. We carry the largest replacement parts inventory in the tri-state area.

We sell only premium products from manufacturers who provide the best warranties in the industry.

We hope you’ll call us at 412-655-7444 or e-mail us at info@pittsburghgasgrill.com for information and prices.

We’re the opposite of a “big-box” shopping experience! We know our products, we provide excellent, attentive service and we do the installations ourselves. Our prices are great because we maintain a low overhead and we’re specialists. We’ll be here in the future for follow-up questions, parts and accessories and, of course, for service.

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Client Testimonials

Mike did an amazing job. I would like to thank Mike Z and Rich for all their help. I will use them in the future and will recommend them to everyone. Thanks again for the great

Tom O.

Penn Hills, PA 15147

During the installation process the guys realized that the gas log burner had been damaged during delivery from manufacture. They did everything up to the point of the attaching the burner and promised to came back the next morning (at our convenience) and finish the installation. The next morning, they were on time and finished quickly. The guys did a great job and have even have done a few follow ups with us to make sure we are happy.

Daniel Cain

Baldwin, PA 15236

They replaced the broken parts, installed a new light, and fixed the flow of the gas to the burners which kept blowing out in strong winds. Their customer service was excellent!

Robin Taylor

West Mifflin, PA 15123

We bought our grill 20 years ago from Pittsburgh Gas & Grill, Wow it worked great! So 20 years later we upgraded to a new model and the installation was on-time and efficient. The new grill is perfect for all of our grilling and smoking needs. Thanks Rico for making new grill memories for us!

Gail W.

I only have amazing things to say about Mike at Pittsburgh Gas Grill & Heater. He took the time to walk through all my options for my new home and presented many different prices, log, and starter options. I was able to make a choice that fit the look I wanted and budget best. He was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and patient considering how busy they are. He called me back asap to schedule my new fireplace at their earliest convenience.
ALSO- All of their companies product’s are Made in the USA.


Jessica S.

My wife has wanted to use our fireplace since we moved into the house, 26 years ago. We just never checked into gas-burning units, thinking we would have to get the chimney worked on and buy, stack and carry tons of firewood. The letter we received from Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Co. prompted us to go to the store and look at the units they can put right in the existing fireplace – and it is as safe as a gas stove in the kitchen! So we had Mike install a unit last week. My wife is thrilled. She even turns it on early in the morning as she gets ready for work. Mike did a terrific installation. He is very professional and explains and demonstrates every step. He can make recommendations and then set a schedule to suit us. We like the fact that he has been doing this for years and will be here for years to come. We should have done this years ago – and we even said we need to take it with us if we ever move. It really is a wonderful feature to have in the house.

Bill V.

Bethel Park, PA

They did it quickly. I have a beautiful landscape and they had to put in a gas line and they did that without bother my landscaping. All of their lanterns and lights they have are made in America and they are made locally in Pittsburgh. They have a big factory. You just don’t find companies doing this anymore. When I called the factory they told me to call Pittsburgh Gas Grill & Heater and I could buy the products thru them. They were really nice.

Carol Ann Powers

Pittsburgh, PA 15211

Mike gave me an estimate over the phone and delivered and installed the logs. Great job. Mike promptly came back out to fix a glitch

S. Fahringer

Pleasant Hills, PA 15236

I was very satisfied with them. I had no problems with the unit. I have 30 years of experience. They were very good. They were very professional. They didn’t mess with my place. They did what they were supposed to. They are reliable. Their product is good. I had no problems with it for the time that I had it. They have quality product. I can buy anything from built-in-gas, gas slots to gas peroxide. They were very good.

Maria Haggerty

Mt Lebanon, PA 15226

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