How to grill with a gas grill

by | Last updated Jun 5, 2023 | gas grill

The primary advantage that a natural gas or propane grill has over other types of grills like charcoal is its ease and reliability of control. Using knobs you can easily control your grill’s temperature. And when you go back out to BBQ tomorrow, those same settings will give you that same control again.

Following these steps will help your grilling:

  1. Uncover your grill and ensure your gas supply is turned on.
  2. Move your control valves high and light your grill.
  3. Allow your grill to preheat to the temperature you want to begin cooking at.
  4. While your grill is beginning to heat up, finish cleaning off your cooking surface with your grill brush.
  5. Place your food onto your cooking grids. Close the lid. Stay at your grill to reduce the risk of burning your food.
  6. When your food is about halfway cooked, flip it. Remove it once it’s cooked.
  7. While your food rests, turn off your control valves and clean off your cooking surface using your grill brush.
  8. Once your grill has completely cooled, place your grill cover back over your grill.