Low and Slow

If you are a fan of “low and slow” cooking we carry the best smoker grills at the best prices!

American Made

Both of our smoker grills are manufactured in America and carry the best warranties in the industry!


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We are the only seller of Primo in Western Pennsylvania!

Primo is the only ceramic, hardwood smoker/grill manufactured in the United States. Kamodo Joe and the Big Green Egg are manufactured in China!

This grill is for people that want to cook with hardwood charcoal.

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“The most versatile and durable cooker known to man.”

Slow cook / Steam / Smoke / Grill

The convenience of gas and the results of charcoal. For slow roasting, the Qrave delivers consistent cooking temperatures and the stainless steel drip pan serves as a barrier between your food and the fire below.

Heat from the dual-control gas burner swirls up around the sides of the pan, creating a convection effect that helps cook foods uniformly. The drippings, which would normally fall onto the burner and flare up, instead land in the stainless steel pan and evaporate into flavorful steam and smoke.

A center channel in the pan conveys excess fats and marinades to a drain valve. You control the amount of drippings in the pan by opening or closing the valve. Pour in a couple of beers, soft drinks, or fruit juice toadd flavor to roasts, game, and fowl.

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Smoker Grill Testimonials

“I bought the [Primo] grill as a Father’s Day gift to my husband, and he absolutely love this grill. He said it’s the best grill he’s ever had and that everyone should buy themselves one. We absolutely love it”

Carol S.

“This [Primo XL Grill] is my first charcoal grill and i’m extremely please with it’s abilities and versatility. I’ve been missing out on this for years! The smoking and grilling on this is a great experience. I use it at least twice a week. I smoked baby back ribs at 200 degrees for 4 hours by adjusting the top and bottom vents and the results are amazing! I smoke 2 whole chickens at a time and they come out very juicy. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made. ”

Eric P.

“This [Qrave] is a great grill and heats evenly. Good Price, sturdy and looks nice on the deck. Cooks food fast and even.”

Kim T.

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